The Williams Story

The first family to carry the legacy of the man who became Vincent Carron Wellington was the one he established under the name of his birth. David Hugh Williams married Beatrice Ellen Oates in 1911 in the Merthyr Tydfil district, and deserted her in 1913, leaving her with their two sons Lawrence Clive b1912 and Norman Oates b1914. During this period David worked as a salesman for a boot dealer, and the family lived at 10 John Street, Georgetown, which was to become part of Tredegar in later years.

In 1920 David was convicted on a charge of ‘abandoning his family’.

Almost incredibly, the two brothers Lawrence Clive and Norman Oates, along with their wives Ivy Mabel Williams and Gwendoline Williams, lived together in London just across Hyde Park from Vincent in 1939, at 5 Hamilton Mews in Mayfair. There are no other adult occupants listed at this address, which has now disappeared into hotel development. What they were all doing in London we don’t yet know, but given their ages — mid-to-late twenties — and the expensive neighbourhood they inhabited, domestic service or hotel work seems a possibility. The previous year Lawrence and Ivy were the sole adult occupants of 5 Weymouth Mews, Marylebone, even closer to Vincent’s then address; perhaps Lawrence encouraged the younger Norman to join them the following year in new employment in Mayfair. They all seem to have left London soon after 1939, perhaps for South Wales, or perhaps for military service by the brothers.

Lawrence married Ivy M Gibbs in Swindon district in 1935; Norman married Gwendoline J Harding in Kensington district in 1937.

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