The Wellington Story

VCW was stymied at the last moment in his plan to marry Mabel Carney in London in 1922, when her father discovered just two days before the big day that he was already married. However their child was already on the way, and this deceived lady gave birth to him on 27 February 1923. He was named Douglas Carron Wellington; his birth was registered by VCW, who gave the location as his own address 62 St Charles Square, Kensington, his occupation as ‘mining engineer’, and the mother’s name as ‘Mabel Wellington, formerly Carney’.

The whereabouts of Mabel and her father Charles before and after 1922 are unclear; they don’t appear in the 1911 Census. Carney being an Irish name, it’s possible they were recent immigrants. Mabel perhaps adopted the surname Wellington following her encounter with VCW, and she may of course have married later.

So far we know little about Douglas, but he did have a 10-year career in the ranks of British airborne forces¬†from 1943-53, serving in Normany, Palestine and perhaps elsewhere. He may well have been involved in the D-Day landings whilst his half-brother Deane Stuart Wynne was crew on a tug towing the sections of Mulberry Harbour across from England. He was known to his comrades as ‘Duke’. He died in 1995, and is survived today by his son and daughter, both born in the late 1940s.