Families owing their existence to VCW

These families known to us are VCW’s genetic legacy, through various liaisons in his youth and early middle-age:

Williams — from his first and only legal marriage, to Beatrice Ellen Oates in 1911 when he was 20 (two sons born 1912, 1914)

Wellington — from his intended but forestalled marriage to Mabel Carney in 1922 when he was 33 (one son born 1923)

Wynne and Baldwin — from his marriage to Constance Shorrock in 1924 when he was 34 (two sons born 1924, 1925)

Goadby — from his seduction of Tony Goadby’s 19-year-old mother-to-be in 1930 when he was 41 (one son born 1931)

There are no known children of his other bigamous marriages, to Ellen Quipp (1916) and Violet Mary Bradley Baker (1925).