Anne Ceinwen Jones

We know from probate records that Vincent’s wife at the time of his death was Anne Ceinwen Jones, likely to be a Welsh lady, and from correspondence supplied by Tony Goadby we have the anecdotal information that she was the owner of the Glenmoriston Private Hotel which they both ran in Inverness from 1957 to his death in 1962.

VCW Probate

An Ann or Annie Ceinwen Jones is recorded living in Westbourne Terrace then Gloucester Terrace, London, from 1935-39, near Vincent’s various addresses in that area. From 1945 to 1955 she lived at 50 Inverness Terrace, W2, and Vincent was to move in there (whether to cohabit with her at this stage, we don’t know) in 1955. So he was acquainted with her from 1955 or earlier.

An Anne Ceinwen Wellington died at Haverfordwest in 1976, with birthdate recorded as 1 November 1901. There are no other records for someone of this name; this could fit with her adopting his surname late in life. There is one strong candidate for Anne in public birth records, Jones being perhaps her previous married name; her identity is being verified at the time of writing.

If Anne was Welsh, and/or if Vincent was running Clwb y Cymry when they met, Vincent needed to ‘square the circle’ of his assumed Scottish and true Welsh antecedents;  as co-proprietor of the hotel in Inverness he continued to project his Highlander image, as the letters from Vera Cyster here, and a local press obituary, indicate. Perhaps the story in one of the letters of him being born to a Welsh Mr Jones and a Scottish mother, and acquiring a stepfather called Wellington, whose surname he later adopted, was contrived initially for Anne’s benefit.